The Hannas

The furthest back I have traced the Hanna line is to a carpenter named Michael Hanna so we will begin with him and come forward in time. Griffith’s Valuation of 1863 shows Michael Hanna living at 7a, Ballymarter (or Ballymarter). He held land and buildings from Elizabeth Calvert. Looking at the Rates Revaluation Books for the 1870s and 1880s we can see that he continued to live there, though now the house reference changed to Aa. There is no number but the one after is 5, so presumably he is at 4a. Michael was paying rates on the property though in 1885 the amount he paid was reduced. The extract below shows his name. Looking at the map shows that 7a and 4Aa are just across the road from each other.

The Rates Valuation Book for 1866 to 1887 shows Michael at 7a in Ballymarter. In 1871 the property was revalued and made more expensive. In total costs rose from £5-10 to £8. Note that 7c below was a house occupied by a James Hanna.

Below is the map showing where Michael lived and worked, presumably at 4a and 7a judging by Griffith’s Valuation of 1863. The map shows modern map under the older one to help find the property on the ground.

In 1844 Michael acted as sponsor for a Marianne Creen whose baptism occurred on 1st April. These are likely to be neighbours as Ballymartyr is given as their address. On 30th April 1848 a Michael Hanna sponsored another child, Eliza Lennon of Craigavodden.

Michael died in 1899. He was said to be 96 years of age but this is not necessarily accurate. The death certificate, copied below, shows that he died of cancer.

Michael had married a woman named Dorothea or Dorathea. This was Dorothea Bryce, as a Catholic Parish registry of such a marriage on 5th August 1852 exists. This was at Ardkeen. Michael appears to have been known as Mick.